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Are herbal medicine safe, and needling painful?
How does TCM treat children diseases?
Can TCM helps children get out of their asthma earlier?
Can TCM help your ADD, ADHD kids?
How TCM helps your infertility?
Can TCM replace hormone for your menopause syndrome?
Why TCM is a better way for your asthma?
Tow does TCM cure eczema?
How does TCM help your allergic rhinitis?
Daily life guidance for asthma clients
How TCM brings your a better sleep?
How TCM helps your depression, anxiety and fatigue?
How TCM views diabetes and treats it and its complications?
Reveal the secret of acupuncture treat the headache and other pain
Can TCM help you get ride of your cancer?
How TCM views and treats your cardiovascular diseases?
How to find the aging earlier and fight against aging with TCM?
How Chinese Medicine helps you get out of smoking?
Can Chinese Medicine defeats H1N1?

Why we choice Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

When you get no answer from the chemical medicine, TCM may be your best choice since it's high effectiveness, More than five thousands years practice on billions people has approved it as a unique, effective, and very safe natural therapy to varies of diseases from Internal medicine, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Traumatic injury, Mental and Psychopathic disorder, Oncology, Weight and Diet, Addictions etc.

TCM has been effectively serving billions Asian people for thousands years. Not like others traditional medicine, in China, it is not an alternative but an administrated conventional medicine, along with Western Medicine in a better working integration of medical service system. It is traditional, but also modern, not only in China, Japan and Korea, now spreading to U.S, Europe, and Canada as well, actually, all parts of the world.

With the guidance of orient philosophy wisdom, Chinese Medicine has a very unique explore angle on human health, the thousands years practice, which is likely a most massive medical experiment on human being our self in the history, brings a very firm, reliable effectiveness, the efficacy has also been approved by enormous modern clinical and laboratory researches in China and abroad.

The unique acupuncture therapy, with the painless needle, it offers you a physical and mental balance by regulating local and whole body immunity, improving blood circulation, adjusting the hormones, and more importantly, it may be the safest and most idealistic non-pharmaceutical therapy, without using any medicine, often does miracle.

The botanic resourced Chinese herbal Medicine is the most natural green and organic medicine, since its high effectiveness and safety, it has been applied for treating thousand kinds diseases, recognized and accepted by billions people from different cultures all over the world, highly recommended by world health organization.

It is widely and effectively applied in treatment and prevention on diseases and sub-health problems from Internal medicine, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Traumatic injury, Mental and Psychopathic disorder, Oncology, Weight and Diet, Addictions etc.

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Are needles and herbs safe?

Your safety and health is always the top priority during the treatment and after, the needles are sterilized by Manufacture Company and disposed of after each use (single use

only). All the herbs use are imported by registered Canadian herb company, and are tested for chemical contaminations and heavy metal in accordance with FDA standard. more...

Your safety and health is always on the top priority during the treatment and after, the needles are sterilized by manufacture company and disposed of after each use (single use

only). All the herbs use are imported by registered Canadian herb company, and are tested for chemical contaminations and heavy metal in accordance with FDA standard. The herb granules and patent pills are processed under international GMP standards.

Your safety assured fundamentally is Dr. Xiao's expertise, more than 20 years experience in top hospital and expert clinic, and long time intensive training in both Chinese Medicine and modern western medicine.

The assurance is also from Dr. Xiao's professional habit, caring personality and merit.

Is acupuncture painful?

Xiao's acupuncture is a unique comfortable and relax experience.

The acupuncture needles are extremely fine, bear no comparison with injection needles.

Several non-needle and non-invasive therapy are available too if you are hypersensitive.

Xiao acupuncture is a unique comfortable and relax experience ,with the extremely fine needles, inserting and gentle manipulation, most people sense varies from heaviness and pressure to a merely mosquito sting, bears no comparison with injections, it suits people from newborn to elderly, in fact, the patients are so relax during the treatment, many just fall asleep.

The key to provide painless acupuncture treatment, again, is the expertise and training.

If you are really needle hypersensitive, Dr. Xiao clinic can provide you with non-needle therapy like finger acupressure, auricular therapy, children Tui Na, Back therapy, Chinese herbal therapy both internally and externally.

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How does TCM treat children diseases?

Pediatric diseases: Dr. Xiao clinic specially use herbal syrup, tincture, concentrated powder, children painless needle, children message Tui Na, back therapy treat neonatal diseases, tonsillitis, otitis media, colds, cough, asthma, diarrhea, children diabetes, anorexia, obesity, anemia, height promotion, attention deficiency, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, enuresis, sexual precocity etc.

Common cold and flu is the most common disease among childhood, since it caused by viruses, antibiotics do not work, actually there is no western medicine specific for colds except symptomatic treatments like using antipyretic for fever, antihistamine for nose runny, and anti-inflammatory aspirin like drugs for headache, or codeine like cough suppressant, those conservative treatment have very poor and doubtful effect, and the potential risks and side effects have made many health authorities in Europe not recommend to use formulas contain those medicines, even forbid to use to children under 6, even though those formulas are still in popular using, easily get through over the counter.

Classic Chinese herbal formulas for cold are consist of natural antivirus herbs, antipyretics like herbs, anti histamine like herbs, cough suppressants and herbs generate body fluid, immune boosters like Flos Lonicerae, Fructus Forsythiae, Indigo leave etc, with puncture classic points external gate, cold pool etc, have been very effectively used more than 2000 years, mostly cured within 3 days, without any side effects are observed in both clinic and laboratory studies.

It is convenient to take for children in syrup or tincture way, with high effectiveness and much better safety, highly recommended by Dr. Xiao.

Recurrent cold prevention: Intravenous immuglobin is costly and works shortly, only for those with severe conditions, the most popular way flu vaccine has very low effect since the viruses mutation. Actually, recurrent cold cases are mainly from low immunity since poor diet or premature, so, the right treatment have to rebuild digestion and boost immune, with classic formula Jade wind screen powder and Dr. Xiao's baby strengthen powder which contains patients called immune booster Astragali, baby culture base-human placenta (viruses free), and food grinder-chicken stomach membrane etc. combine with massage point energy sea, middle stomach etc.80-90% children cured within 3 months even less.

Otitis Media is an annoying chronic infection in the inner ear, many times, surgery are needed many times. Using natural antibiotics like herbal medicine like Jasmine flower, Coptis root, Tiger ear grass etc, and the ear water damp drainage herbs in acute period, chronic period, immune boost herbs and needling points ear gate, listening palace etc, to improve blood circulation and body repairing ability to heal, 90% may avid operation, curate rate in six months varies from 70%- 86% up to different clinic studies.

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Can TCM helps children get out of their asthma earlier?

More than 12% Canadian kids suffer from asthma, mostly the first episode happens before 3, infant asthma, steroids depend asthma remain the top globe challenges since they are unable to use inhaler even chamber, and the influence and safety of years long steroid inhalation on kids mental and physical development is still in argue. Studies have shown that most of asthma kids have family history with weak constitution on immune and hormone aspects, which are deeper reasons lead chronic allergic airway inflammation, and airway hypersensitiveness, the root of asthma, TCM emphasis that in remission period, improve lung function, regulate immunity and work on pituitary-adrenal gland axis to promote inner source hormone instead extra corticosteroid with natural herbs and needling special points, together with leukotriene regulator like Gingko etc., 85% get earlier natural relief, well controlled after 6 months to a year treatment, can lead normal life and growth, no any side effects exist; In acute period, use classic asthma formulas contain herbal bronchodilators like perilla seeds, earthworm , apricot and cinnamon etc, puncture special lung points , asthma arrest point on chest and back, mostly wheezing can be controlled in hours even minutes, you need no or less ventolin or other bronchodilators,esp.long action one, therefore, TCM become a safer and very effective therapy to asthma, especially to infant asthma and steroid depend asthma, and cases who have poor tolerance to long action bronchodilator.

See more in articles: how to control your asthma in a better way.

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Can TCM help your ADD, ADHD kids?

More than 5% children, 4% adults suffer from attention problem, which cause not only a simple poor school and work performance, low self esteem, but also severe mental and physical development problem, influence in present and in future, it gives rise problems to both children, families, society even nation as well.

It challenges doctors, since the medications which are using as a symptomatic treatment, are brain stimulant have a lot of side effects such like cause exciting, anxiety, sleeplessness, potency of damage to liver and kidney and mental, behavior change, the poor acceptance and poor adoption make the years long treatment become very difficulty journey.

Chinese Medicine has many advantages on treatment of ADD&ADHD.

Firstly, it is effective to most of patients, it aims at restoring brain balance and focus , does not stimulate brain and keep it high, no resistance and tolerance, therefore no need keep rising dosage.

Secondly, it is much safer, most of such herbs like Lotus seed, Leech fruit are food, there are no any side effects like dependence, or what we mentioned before. Acupuncture is just the safest, effective none-pharmaceutical therapy. Since there is a synergistic effect to modern medicine, it may reduce the dosage and treatment course of those, therefore, it may also reduce possible side effects from brain stimulants.

The third, we are not treating only symptomatically, it is more important to fix the imbalance mentally and physically, to strengthen energy for both, which is deeper root, and therefore, the treatment is a better model .

Treatment course will be 6 months - 1year

Once a week Acupuncture and auricular therapy, once to three times a day herbs

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How TCM helps your infertility?

What is Infertility?

Statistics show that about 25% of couples experience infertility, which means they have tried at least 1 year of normal sexual activity without contraception with no resulting pregnancy. However, infertility is not always a female problem; about 40% of cases involve the male partner or a combination of both factors.

What can Western biomedicine and acupuncture offer?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is one of the best therapies western biomedicine can offer for infertility. But the success rate in some study was only 26% without acupuncture. Combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment can increase IVF success by 40% to 60% as shown by some research.

How does Chinese medicine view the process of pregnancy and what can be done to improve chance of conception?

In preparation for a new garden, fertile soil, selection of good seeds, proper temperature and moisture are all equally important factors for the vitality of that garden. We use this holistic view when addressing fertility with acupuncture. By strengthening the organs and meridians that are believed to both optimize sperm and egg quality, and to create a superior uterine environment, the fertility rates can be improved. Researchers from Weill Cornell Medical center reviewed studies and concluded that acupuncture helps to: increase blood flow to the uterus, normalize hormone and endocrine systems that regulate ovulation, etc. A landmark study published in the medical journal Fertility & Sterility found that acupuncture dramatically improves the chances of becoming pregnant when used in conjunction with other assisted reproductive techniques.

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Can TCM replace hormone for your menopause syndrome?

First of all, it is important to understand that menopause is not a disease but a natural phenomenon, a process of aging, you must not be panic about it, commonly it lasts 1-3years, some may stay more than 20 years, the severity of symptoms much depend on individual's genetic and constitution condition.

Secondly, it is annoying, it causes both physical and mental changes, like hot flash, night sweating, dry skin and vagina, lower libido and painful or difficulty intercourse, and mentally stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia even mania. It may seriously disturb a person's health and relationships in this period and future time.

The third, TCM has long time believing that menopause is just essentially a natural process of aging, hormone replace therapy (HRT) will disturb this process with potential risks, recent studies have demonstrated that HRT may increase risk of breast cancer, endometrial cancer and uterine myomas, trigger heart attack and stroke etc, Doctors all over the world are looking for a new alternative treatment.

In China, TCM has been effectively using for treatment on menopause for thousand years, only 5% now even less menopause cases need hormone, symptoms like hot flash, night sweating can be reduce in a few weeks or less, sleep, mood, dryness and libido may improved in a month, importantly, no side effects are observed.

Further researches have revealed mechanism of TCM on menopause treatment: Herbs tonify kidney yin like turtle shell, rehmanniae root etc mainly act on pituitary axis to ovaries to improve inner hormone production, while acupuncture on points Zi Gong (uterine), Rn4,6(Sea of energy, primary vitality gate) etc may improve circulation of capillary circulation of ovary, make it more sensitive to hormone, prevent or delay the ovary function premature declination, those therapy usually are anti-aging treatment or treatment for womanhood, TCM has been using those treatment for thousands years, it is effective and much safer.

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Why TCM is a better way for your asthma?

Asthma has been a ever increasing global challenge for decades, despite the Medicine science advances, both prevalence and mortality have being increased, In order to control your asthma in a better way, asthma clinic offers you a special treatment with acupuncture, massage, Chinese herbal formulae treatment, the same clinic has been great a success in both China and Israel university hospital for more than 15 years, approved as a more ideal way for asthma:

First of all, it is more effective, and there is also a synergistic effect with beat2-adrenceptor agonist, anticholinergics agent, and methylxanthine as well, the effective rate in both acute and long term control reach 93%.

Secondly, it is much safer, there is no side effect when used for mild to moderate attack case alone, to severe case, in combination with Modern medicine, it may reduce the dosage and treatment duration of beta2-adrenceptor agonist, especially long action one, therefore, less tolerance, resistance, then less side effects. Asthma patient with high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases will specially benefit from it, and asthma patient may don't need or need less steroid include inhaled steroid, then less chance get steroid side effects, even addition happens, Chinese medicine may treat it by using herbs and acupuncture to improve inner source steroid, which can benefit more to children asthma patients for their development, and earlier natural relief.

The third, more importantly, Chinese Medicine not only symptomatically treat bronchial spasm, but also, even more, emphasizes treat on chronic airway allergic inflammation by using natural steroid like herbs like Licorice root, using natural leukotriene modifier herbs like Gingko, not only treat location lung, also emphasizes whole body 's balance, by regulating and strengthen immunity, and regulating hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, which is on the deeper root treatment even compare to modern Medicine. All these will lead a significant less frequent attack, less severe attack even no attack, promote earlier relief for asthma children, ultimately, avoid severe asthma and decrease mortality.

The fourth, we emphasize prevention, emphasizes breathe hygiene, and self home control, emphasizes treat acute asthma in winter, strengthen and regulate body in summer, whole year treatment. As a more ideal treatment, it becomes more and more popular in China, United States, Europe, Israel, Japan, Korea and other countries.

In order to get clinic cure, this treatment program includes

Winter treatment: 3 months Acupuncture once a week 12 times

Summer prevent treatment: one month Acupuncture treatment, herb patch once a week 4 times

Asthma herb medicine one to three times a day

Total course of treatment: 1 - 3 years.

To build a partnership between Patients and Doctor, a hot line connection through phone and internet to Dr. Xiao

Regular open lecture of Asthma in Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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How does TCM cure eczema?

Eczema affects more than 30% Canadian kids, the most common type of eczema is atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis. Patients usually are hypersensitive to allergens like dust, pollen, foods etc (Heat constitution), and have personal or family history of allergic manifestations (Weak constitution), for example, Asthma, Allergic rhinitis and Atopic dermatitis.

Where is it located and how does it look?

It's typically located on the face, neck, upper trunk, wrists, hands and on the bends of the elbows and knees.

It can appear in different forms ranging from red (Heat) & wet (Dampness), scaly or dry & thickened lesions (Skin lack of nourishment from body fluids and blood) at its different stages, i.e. acute, sub-acute or chronic stages.

However, itching (Wind by TCM) is what bothers all patients, especially when the itching and scratching cycle begins.

What conventional biomedicine usually offers?

Mostly, symptomatic treatment, topical steroids, e.g. corticosteroids even oral prednisone may be prescribed in severe cases.

What can acupuncture and Chinese herbs do about it?

TCM views eczema as those people with hypersensitive (Heat) and weak genetic constitution (Yin deficiency) get a overreaction (allergic inflammation, heat and fire by TCM) to airborne dust, pollen, fur etc. in windy seasons, leads a red (Heat), wet (Damp) and itchy (Wind) lesions at acute stage, and recurrent eczema, the heat may dries body fluids causes dry thick leather like skin at chronic stage.

So, principally, at acute stage, by TCM, you need dispelling wind, clearing heat and fire, drying dampness, Dispelling wind herbs like Sophora", "Saposhnikovia" are confirmed natural antihistamine, with experience dispel wind acupuncture points like "Eight Winds", "Pool at the Crook", can reduce or eliminate itchiness, clearing heat and fire herbs like Gentian root, Coptis etc are natural none-specific anti-inflammatives, can be partially replace steroids works on inflammation itself, and herbs and points to drying dampness can reduce secretion of lesions, reduce the infection chance, numerous modern clinical reports published have been demonstrated the effectiveness.

More importantly, at chronic stage, TCM addresses to nourish skin and strengthen skin immunity to promote earlier natural relief, that is more on the root, on the constitution treatment, the common used yin tonics herbs like rehmmaina (Di Huang), Angelic (Dang Gui) etc, confirmed act on hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis to produce more inner sourced steroids, which significantly reduces chronic inflammation and moistures skin and improves skin condition, eczema kids may get a safe, years much earlier natural relief with less or without external sourced steroids

All above will be in tincture or syrup, may combined with herbal lotion or cream made by Dr. Xiao.

How effective is the acupuncture and herbs?

The success rate we maintain varies from 80-90% depending upon the severity of the condition.

How soon can I get better?

The time you start to feel better varies from one week to one month.

What should I do to help myself?

In addition to receiving a persistent treatment at our clinic, Dr. Xiao will discuss with you necessary diet and daily life adjustments. These recommendations come from the valuable experience Dr. Xiao gained through reviewing thousand-year-old Chinese Medical text and many years of clinical practice in Western countries.

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How does TCM help your Allergic Rhinitis?

What is allergic rhinitis?

Allergic Rhinitis is one of the most common allergies people complain of. It is an allergic reaction in the nose to seasonal or year-round allergens like pollens in spring, grass in summer and ragweed in fall or dust and household mites. Seasonal rhinitis is called "hay fever" as well.

In addition to nasal symptoms as runny nose, sneezing, accompanied symptoms may include eye irritation, excessive tearing, and skin rash.

What can Western biomedicine offer?

Antihistamines, intranasal corticosteroid sprays and immunotherapy are among the options for successful symptom relief. However, for most patients, the trouble is how to protect themselves from the countless allergens around them.

How does Chinese medicine view the mechanism and what can be done about it?

The mechanism, symptoms and treatment for allergic rhinitis (though named differently) can traced back to two of the oldest Chinese Medical texts-Yellow Emperors Inner Classics and Discussion for Cold Invasion, 1700 to 2000 years ago.

The Chinese believe that when the body is in energetic harmony external pathogens, including allergens, cannot interfere. That is why some of us, during certain environmental changes, cannot adapt to these environmental changes, even though all of us are exposed to the same environment. Also it explains why some people, who were previously not allergic, suddenly develop allergies in certain environments. Acupuncture points like "Arm Three Miles", "Leg Three Miles", "Upper Star", "Gathered Bamboo", "Heavenly Connection" and "Welcome Fragrance" are used to strengthen body's resistance against allergens and open the nasal orifices. Some herbs that can reach this goal are Astragalus (Huang Qi), Cinnamon (Gui Zhi), Astractylodis (Bai Zhu), Pruni (Wu Mei), Schizandrae (Wu Wei Zi), Ledebouriellae (Fang Fangs), Xanthii (Cang Er Zi) and Magnolia (Xin Yi Hua).

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Daily life Guidance for Asthma Clients

A new concept---Breathe hygiene

Aim: make us a more friendly environment to our asthma indoor and outdoor

(1) Keep away from living in a polluted area

(2) If possible, use a new energy-save car, which has less waste gas.

(3) Use an environment friendly pesticide, fertilizer

(4) Choice hypo allergic flowers and grass, trees for your garden, you may sensitive to maple, mulberry, oak, cedar, pine, apple, Perennial rye, ragweed, sunflower, tulip, lily, narcissus, zinnia, daisy, timothy etc, a test may needed.

(5) Choice hypo allergic cosmetics, perfume, cleaning materials

(6) Stop smoking, use kitchen extractor, ventilator

(7) Not keep pets like dogs, cats, birds, pigeon even they are lovely.

(8) Keep house clean from dust, insects, mould (furniture, carpet, bed pillow, mattress, toy, air conditioner, book shelve), a newly decorated painted house should be thoroughly dried and aired before move in, a vacuumed cleaner will be more preferable, once a week clean the filter of air conditioner is necessary, a mite-kill pray may helps, bed pillow, mattress should twice wrapped, moving out carpet may needed.

Avoid asthma induce food

(1) Not too sour, sweet, salty, too spicy, fatty are improper.

(2) Milk, Eggs, Peanut, walnuts and nuts, Fish, Sea food, Wheat product, food additive may trigger asthma, you have to check by yourself or tested in a laboratory. The hypo allergic milk products are important to the development of children who is sensitive to dairy food, you do not need have to stop eating those foods if there is nothing bad happened in past.

(3) Chocolate itself basically is safe, but if you are allergic to peanut inside, then you can enjoy it.

(4) If your asthma related to alcohol, then you have to stop drink.

Asthma and Sport

Doing sports such like swim, walk, jogging , gym etc are encouraged, even strong acrobatic sports like football, basketball, running, especially in remission period, especially for children, with proper treatment, you are supposed to manage almost all kinds of sports, which is very good for your lung function and children's development. However, sometimes, sports may trigger asthma as well, so, do it not in attack period, not in a windy cold early morning or evening, consult your doctor if you need a dose of ventolin inhale before sports even competition.

Asthma and your medications

Many medications can trigger or worsen asthma, such like aspirin, indomethacin, ibuprofen, medicine for high blood pressure clonidine, reserpine, antibiotics SMZ, PNC, some antidepressant, anticeptive, you need to discuss with your doctor if you are using those medications while you have asthma.

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How TCM brings you a better sleep?

Sleeplessness is torturing millions of us, especially in this stressful, recession period, what is more, Sleeping pills can only bring you a fake, unnatural sleep in a short time, you do not really rested, and refreshed after that sleep, and because of tolerance, resistance dependence and rebound react, sleeping pills is definitely not on the first line, Non-pharmaceutical natural therapy like Acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine is highly recommended worldwide, have being very popular in China, U.S, Japan, Korea, Europe , as a more ideal therapy ,become your number one choice


You will benefit from Traditional Chinese Medicine at multiple aspects:

Firstly, it is very good effective, with a natural, good quality sleep, you will really rested and recharged, bring back your balance and energy again. A acupuncture treatment and auricular therapy can improves sleeping by promoting production of a natural tranquilizer endorphin, in the most natural way, without any medications, many sleeping herbs like water lily, Chinese date seed, just simply contain melatonin , rich in multiple- vitamins.

Secondly, it is much safe, almost no any side effect, mostly, they are fruits, seeds, no resistance or addiction are recorded in neither thousands years medical documents, nor modern clinic and laboratory researches, very good adoptions for long time using.

The third, it doesn't treat only symptomatically, more important, it is on the causes, the root, by treating stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue, anemia etc in most nature ways, emphasizes sleep hygiene, and whole body mentally and physically balance .

The treatment will include sleep lifestyle rebuilding guidance, Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Yoga and meditation, sports etc. will be recommended.

Advise to rebuild a natural high quality sleep

1. Discuss with your family doctor, stop to use sleep pills regularly, if you have to, better not use it more than three subsequent days. Try non-pharmaceutical treatment and natural herbs first.

2. Built a routine bed time and get up time. 8 hours/night bed time include time awake is recommended.

3. Avoid sleep or nap in the day, if you incline to or use to, <30-45 minutes, not fall asleep

4. An environment conducive to sleep is important: a quiet dark cozy bed room with a large size bed, proper light, comfortable pillow mattress, curtain, if spouse or partner snores or unrest leg, have a talk with him or her.

5. Keep away from brain stimulants, if you really can not, one cup of coffee or green tea at morning, 12 hours before night bed time, nicotine 6 hours, wine or beer alcohol beverage 4 hours before, not create habit to use alcohol to induce sleep, since you will wake much earlier, sports or dinner 2 hours before.

6. Avoid a heavy large meal, too sweet, fatty, oily and spicy food, too full, especial for dinner will disturb your sleep, try eat more food good to sleep, like walnut, pine nut, almond, banana, dates, oat meal, honey, Chamomile tea, a cup of warm milk before bed are those worth to try. Long time being a vegetarian may lead Iron or Vitamin B12 deficiency cause sleepless, think about a change.

7. Medications contain coffin, codeine, ephedrine, amphetamine, Ritalin, modafini, thyroid hormone, steroids may disturb your sleep, you need a talk with your family doctor

8. Treat the primary diseases like hypothyroidism, diabetes, depression, anxiety, hypertension, etc, discuss it with your family doctor, treat it while treat your sleepless.

9. Set down or set by conflicts, a family or marriage psychologist visit helps, a career adviser even a psychiatrist visit may helps, religious believing may helps.

10. Regular sports helps: Swimming, Cycling, Walking, Jogging, are highly recommended, but better do it in the day.

11. Create the ways as routine to relax yourself before bed: Meditation, Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Yoga, natural music.

12. A note pad next bed, write down what you completed today what you are going to do tomorrow will reduce your anxiety during sleep.

13. Approach to a professional support net, Sleep clinic, to have a personal designed plan, test the way or things good for your sleep under a professional guidance.

Insomnia Clinic, routine open lectures in Canadian Institute Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 138 17th avenue, NE, Calgary, AB, T2E 1L8

Or call: 403-5852895, 403-5205258 (Dr. Xiao)

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How TCM helps your depression, anxiety and fatigue?

This is a stressful world, many of us experienced or are unluckily experiencing stress, from TCM of view, we are able to keep balance mentally and physically through our balancer liver, when the stress becomes so intensive and constantly on us, the liver dysfunction symptoms appears:

Frequent dizzy, headache, insomnia.

Lack of expression, dull complexion.

Stiff neck, shoulder, and truck, trembling limbs

Short breathe nausea or stomach pain.

Frequent urination urge, irregular menses.

Irritable even agitate

We look like a fighter, always ready for battle in our daily life. If by chance, you are in condition like this, that means you are severely stressed, your liver need to be fixed, soothed in order to restore its function, points on liver meridian like Liv3 ( Big impulsiveness), Liv14 ( Desire gate),UB18(back Liver point), Heart7 ( Spirit gate) etc will be punctured to help liver balance the body again, herb Mr. liver Chai Hu ( radix bupleuri) etc, Classic formula for stress easy life powder (XiaoYao San, called lady powder in past) are needed. Those thousand years experienced treatment can help you cope with severe stress mostly, rebalance you, and you are able to function in work, family. and relationships.

If you don't adjust your life and get promptly treatment, your body itself will find the way to relief the big stress, Anxiety often

Starts from talkativeness

Then nervous, irritable, agitate, angry

Impulsive, compulsive

Then manic, hysteric, yelling, shouting out

You may feel palpitation or even choking

Even damage people and things, commit suicide

That is anxiety, what you need are puncturing third eye (yintang), Pc6 (interior gate) and Pc8 (mind palace), researches have shown that will produce endorphin, a natural inner tranquilizer, and applying mineral medicines Meng Shi (Disorientation stone), Mangxiao, which contain lithium and magnesium, western anti-mania medicine, those work great effectively.

By instinct protection, your body may find another opposite way than anxiety: depression, by lowering your motivation to save energy, it often

Starts from lack of speak

Lack of expression, pale or yellow complexion

Sadness and emptiness, unhappiness

Slow action and movement, demanding and depending

Poor focus, memory, poor school or work performance

Feel helpless, insecure, low self esteem, self hatred

Lethargic, childish, timid, delusion, hallucination

It may goes so far, then the mental energy booster are needed like Ginseng, lotus seeds, and litchi fruit meat, golden of depression Yu Jin (curcuma flower), water lily, reunited and happy flower He Huang Hua (silktree flower) etc, acupuncture points include: Hundreds greeting Du20, Heart meridian1 (Top spring), 7(spirit gate), Pericardium8 (mind palace), Ki1 (erupting spring), all tickler points which make body produce more serotonin in blood, and elevate mood. Most depression can be treated and controlled with TCM.

Weather goes to anxiety or depression, or you just have a bio-polar, much depends on your constitution, genetic, inner environment balance like hormones, and outside environment, family, society, culture, and economy etc.

Traditional Chinese Medicine aim at mental and physical balance inside body as its highest goal, hope you are not always in the peak, also not stay in the valley, we just wish you can enjoy the sea level--- being balanced with a natural way, without any side effects.

According to ancient TCM five element theory, there are inhibitive effects among different emotional movements like: Happiness inhibits sadness, sadness inhibits raging, raging inhibits over thinking, thinking inhibits fear, fear inhibit overjoyed. Besides acupuncture and herbs, Dr. Xiao also applies Chinese ancient emotional therapy to adjust your mood intentionally.

With five element theory, five emotional movements hosted in inner five organs as part of its function, not only related with inner balance we are working on, but also relate to out side environment through five sensational organs, skin etc, to colors, lights, noises, foods, orientations, locations etc, to people, society even universe, there is a energy exchange between inside and out side body, in order to get inner balance to treat emotional disorder, art therapy, music therapy, diet therapy, psychologist, QI Gong, Yoga Tui Na etc. are recommended by Dr. Xiao.

Fatigue mostly are psychopathic sourced, even viruses, hormones and exertion can be the causes, from view of TCM, long time emotional disorder may exhaust different inner organs respectively, result in different symptoms and signs:

Angry damages liver cause: Fatigue, dizzy, often headache, blurry vision, pale nails

Sorrow damages lung cause: Short breathe, sign often, chest choking and uncomfortable

Worry damages spleen cause: poor appetite, pale or yellow complexion, sweating, nausea

Vomiting, emaciation, or obesity, loose or watery stool

Overjoyed damages heart cause: palpitation, insomnia, spontaneous sweating

Fear damages kidney cause: frequent night urine, cold limbs, impotence, and poor sperm, poor menses or amenorrhea, poor libido, infertility, premature menopause, lumbar pain, weaker knee in young age, premature gray hair or hair loss, wrinkles and dry skin

You must be prompt for treatment even your blood tests, ultrasound result are still normal, do not wait for severe diseases happen, since you are in fatigue, a severe sub-health edge.

TCM has been treating fatigue for thousands years up to enormous ancient documents and practice, Tonics therapy becomes a part of Chinese culture. With meridian tropic tonics to different organ for energy, blood and life essence, which like a new battery transplantation, and the puncturing different meridians, which like unblocking electric wires, plus treatment on underlay emotion disorder, you will function like a new person, TCM is very effective to more than 90% fatigue patients.

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How TCM views diabetes and treats it and its complications?

Diabetes has been one of three top killers to the human being life all over the world, insulin and anti-diabetics as a symptomatic treatment, the result is far from satisfaction, since there is no specific treatment for its complications, the mortality remains high level, and every year, a lots of patients have to be amputated, it is severely threatening patient's healthy even life.

The ancient TCM documents about diabetes can dates back to 2000 years ago in yellow emperor's inner classic book, which first time described diabetes symptoms: frequent drinking, eating, urine, emaciation, and urine tasted sweet. Inspecting sugar by ants, using pig or cow's pancreas (contains natural insulin) with other herbs in formulas, TCM has a long history of treating diabetes.

TCM has a very unique view on diabetes and its complications, which leads to a totally different treatment and prognosis. As we know, Diabetes is most likely a based on genetic conditions autoimmune disorder over stress, viruses, hormone imbalance etc, that causes a inflammation on pancreas and whole body blood vessels, the pancreas dysfunction result in less insulin even no insulin produced, and blood vessels inflammation which mostly happen on heart, brain, kidney, eyes, nerves, result in all complications: coronary atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic neuropathy, gangrene, diabetic osteoporosis etc. From TCM view, those autoimmune inflammations are kind of heat or fire in pancreas, happen to special individuals with body fluids deficiency constitution and initially pancreas lack of nourishment, the heat or fire can further burn body fluids cause blood stagnation and phlegm like (fat) which lead all complications. Therefore, the key to treat diabetes and complications is not only focus to sugar but on the whole body:

(1) Clear heat and fire from pancreas (it is in spleen and stomach system), reduce autoimmune inflammation, produce more insulin, and from blood vessels to prevent complications happen in future, that is core and root treatment. Apply Gypsum, Rhubarb, Jasmine and Coptis root etc, puncture Pancreas point, Sp16, St36,44,45, Sp16;

(2) Nourish pancreas and body with body fluid to repairing and restore pancreas damaged b-cell, and protect other inner organs (Brain, Heart, and Kidney, nerves),use America Ginseng, Rehmannia root, Solomon's seal rhizome, Dendrobium, wolf beery fruit etc, puncture k1(grant stream), Sp6, Ub17, Pancreas point.

(3) Remove blood and phlegm stasis to improve blood circulation for damaged inner organs and nerves, to prevent complications and to those happened complications. Like Peach kernel, Safflower flower etc, puncture P10, Ub17 plus self made external use blood move cream, medicated alcohol, natural antibiotics herbal cream if there is infection like gangrene.

All above combine with using animal pancreas powder, watch food and sports, effective rate up to revealed clinic studies done in China varies from 65%-86%, without resistance and dependence, and TCM treatment can also make body more sensitive to insulin and other anti-diabetic medicine, may reduce dosage of those medicines.

The effective rate for the complications (up to revealed documents):

Diabetic nephropathy 58%- 75%

Diabetic osteoporosis 76%- 88%

Diabetic retinopathy 45%-65%

Diabetic neuropathy 65%-91%

Diabetic foot 56%-85% much less amputation needed.

And important symptoms like fatigue, depression, insomnia, impotence etc improved significantly, the quality of diabetic patients life improved.

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Revel the secret of Acupuncture treat the headache and other pain.

TCM boasts it's efficacy of acupuncture pain relief, The World health Organization(WHO) and U.S. National Institute of Health Organization(NIH) acknowledge the benefit of acupuncture in treating pain due to a wide range of causes.

In fact, many U.S. and Canada insurance companies cover their member's cost to receive acupuncture therapy for their pain conditions. If you have pain from the following, acupuncture treatment is highly recommended:

a. Sprains, Strains and other minor injuries resulting in pain at low back, shoulders, elbow, wrists, knees, ankles and feet, e.g. Acute ,chronic low back pain, tennis elbow, sprained ankles, heel pain, etc.

b. Pain from various types of arthritis, e.g. rheumatoid and osteoarthritis resulting in pain in various joints of hands, knees and hips, etc.

c. Pain from unknown or complicated causes, migraines, fibromyalgia, etc.

d. Headache, Trigeminal pain, Migraine, Herpes zoster pain, Cancer pain management, injure and Cerebral concussion and other car accident rehabilitation.

For those pains above, chemical anti-inflammatives, steroid have a poor tolerance for long time apply since the side effects, and acupuncture therapy, according to researches,

Can promote body produce endorphin, a natural opium like pain killer, bears no side effects at all, and is highly recommended.

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How TCM help you get ride of your cancer?

Cancer has been the top killer to human life all over the world, Do Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help you defeat cancer?

Drawing of cancer have been found on turtle shells and oracle bones dating from the eleventh century B.C. Medical texts dating from 200 B.C. have detailed descriptions of cancer and their causes. Cancer is well known and well documented in Chinese medical literature, and been treated as masses and hardness due to blood stasis and phlegm stasis from imbalance mentally and physically. Enormous researches from both laboratory and clinic in China, Japan and U.S have demonstrated its effectiveness, as matter of fact, many anticancer medicine in chemotherapy were botanic sourced, such like Vincristine, Camptothecine, Paclitaxel, Crotaline, Indirubin etc, those are indispensable in western Medicine chemotherapy as a routine nowdays.

From TCM view, cancer is a abnormally fast grow stasis of blood and phlegm to the certain weak constitution individuals, the deficient vital qi (immune system) fail to clean up since heat toxin (viruses), long time stress, smoking, alcohol or junk food etc damaged immune, this standpoint have been demonstrated by modern oncology researches.

So, TCM prevention and treatment on cancer is a comprehensive and synergistic system includes: antineoplastic therapy, immune strengthens and supportive therapy, food therapy etc, it is well compatible and complementary to chemo-radiation, surgery therapy in clinic practice, as a low toxin, most green cancer therapy, cancer patient's effective rate, survival rate are much higher and mortality is much lower, quality of life is higher, there are significant difference, The benefits may from following aspects:

1. Antineoplastic effect: directly inhibit tumor growth and proliferation, or Activates

Reticuloendothelial system and increase phagocytosis by lymphocytes, induce tumor cell differentiation, improve cell wither, and synergistic to chemo and radi-therapy by

Increasing body sensitiveness, such like E Zhu (zedoaria), Yu Zhu (Solomon's seal rhizome), Yi Yi Ren (seeds of job's tear), Xia Ku Cao (prunella), and Bai Hua She She Cao (heydytis) etc, work as a green chemotherapy.

2. Supportive therapy: cancer treatment is kind of competition between cancer cell and human body under the harsh treatments, the prognosis is not only depend on the chemo,radi-therapy and surgery, which is very powerful, mostly, too strong than patient could bear, more importantly, up to patient's vital energy, many herbs can offsets side effects like bone marrow suppress and improves immunity and patients general condition like appetite and sleep, strengthens patient, such like turtle shell elevates white blood cell, Ginseng ,Huang Jin(Polygonati) and Huang Qi (milk-vetch root)elevate platelets, human placenta improves hemoglobin and red blood cell many, those are key points of the favorable results, very common used in cancer treatment in hospital of China.

3. Cancer symptomatic treatment like cancer pain, cough, diarrhea, ascites and fever etc, herbs and acupuncture can improve the quality of life by treating symptoms, may be the most acceptable safe and effective therapy.

4. Metastasis prevention and treatment: apply immune booster herbs and puncture, moxa points like Rn4, 6 (energy sea, vital gate) will strengthen immunity and enable body clear abnormal cell daily, plus low toxin green chemo-like herbal treatment in intermittent or remission period, or before and after surgery, are extremely important to metastasis treatment and prevention, also indicate for people in high risk.

5. Based on TCM 's view of cancer pathogenesis, the mood balance and diet guidance are part of the cancer treatment integration, up to individual constitution and five elements theory, for instance, the food's flavors and colors guidance are important.

In order to gain an ultimate effectiveness for cancer patients, we do suggest combine the chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery with Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and all treatments above to most of cancer case.

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How TCM views and treats your cardiovascular diseases?

Cardiovascular diseases, weight and diet: hyperlipemia, hypertensive, coronary heart diseases, stroke prevention and rehabilitation, weight and diet optimize.

Hypertension, Heart attack, Stroke are just different stages of cardiovascular diseases, combined overweight and hyperlipemia, it becomes the top killer of human being all over the world.

Hypertension is due to too much tension on the special individuals with family constitution, in the modern life, every body lives under tension and stress, our body can keeps balance mentally and physically since our balancer liver, but if the stress constantly and intensively exit, then the liver overloaded like an engine, start to be heat, which may drives the blood pressure goes higher, some times it goes even worse, especially when there is hyerlipemia, may becomes more than our heart and brain can bear, then heart attack and stroke happen.

Unlike conventional treatment which only focuses on blood pressure itself symptomatically, TCM treats hypertension more on its root by soothing and unloading for balancer liver, cooling liver, drain urine, restores liver function to balance the body mentally and physically, using liver cleaner Jasmine flower (Zhi Zi), Chinese gentian roots (Long Dan Cao), Gatrodia rhizome(Tian Ma) etc, applying diuretics herb like Alisma(Ze Xie), Polyprus sclerotium(Zhu Ling), rice paper pith (Tong Cao)etc, and puncture third eye(Yin Tang), GB20(Wind Pool), Li11(Bend Pool), Pc6(Internal gate), Ht7(Spirit Gate) etc, which according to studies promote body to produce endorphin, a natural tranquilizer.

Combine with diet and sport, it works for 56-75% hypertension patients in their early stage, without anti-hypertensive.

It may reduce the use of anti-hypertensive and protect important inner organs like heart, liver, kidney and brain in their later stage.

Mostly the course of treatment varies from 1/2 -1 year, some time more but not life time.

More importantly, no side effects are observed.

Coronary heart diseases: Traditional Chinese Medicine views it as a blood stasis and phlegm (fat) stasis in heart vessels, medical documents date back to 2000 years ago have recorded using aspirin like blood diluter and mover, and cholesterol cleaner to treat and prevent coronary arteriosclerosis and heart attack (angina), as a most important treatment, it has been applying in Asian for thousands years, much earlier than modern biomedicine, it is very effective and much safer, used broadly in combination with aspirin or alone to patient not able to use aspirin since asthma, allergic or intolerate to aspirin, peptic ulcer etc.

Dr. Xiao clinic has herbal blood mover and diluter pattern formula, it contains ingredients like Dang Shen (Salivia root), Dang Gui (Angelic root), Tao Ren (Peach kernel), Hong Hua (Safflower flower), Di Long (Earth worm), Shui Zi (Leech) etc.

Cholesterol cleaner herbal tea: Lotus leaf, Chinese tea rose, Hawthorn fruit, Cassia seeds etc.

Stroke: Enormous studies have shown that acupuncture and herbs may be the best therapy for stroke rehabilitation, it works on the rebuilding capillary circulation, and clearing blood clots on brain like a surgery, while directly stimulating nerves for palsy, combined with massage and physiotherapy, highly recommended by Dr. Xiao.

Weight and diet optimize: The vivid ancient saying goes: the death starts from your mouth. Modern studies have confirmed that the lead death factors like heart attack, stroke, diabetes even cancer all relate to improper diet, it is getting worse globally like an epidemic diseases, even from teenage. Dr. Xiao clinic will make a very individual weight and diet optimize plan for people need, it is a practical and balance one, combine with acupuncture or ear needle, dietary herbal tea.

The course of treatment: three months or less, 10 times acupuncture.

Results: 75%-90%, loss 15-20% weight varies from individual.

It is medical supervised by both TCM and Western Medicine, No side effects, practical and acceptable.

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How to find the aging earlier and fight against aging with TCM?

Aging and age-related diseases still keep mystery to modern bio-medical medicine, Fighting with aging, realizing natural life span and keeping health and well being are always core of Chinese Medicine, there is very unique view and great experience to prevent aging and treat on age-related diseases.

From TCM, aging mostly related to our kidneys which contain genetic code. We have two kidneys called kidney yang, and kidney yin, which are genetic from parent before born, and enriched after born, liken as a motor engine mechanism, yang literally means sun energy, kidney yang offer the whole body include five inner organs with hot dynamic energy, while the yin means moon water, which offers cooling, moisture to whole body, and the kidney also in charge of water metabolism, bones, reproduction and spinal marrow to brain, when both kidney yang and yin balance and synergistic, the body functions physically mentally and reproduction ally normal, when opposite, whole body and all five inner organs lack of energy from kidney yang and lack of moisture from kidney yin, showing the declination of its functions inside and on its related sensational organs outside like eyes, ears etc, then aging happens, which starts usually at 35 to female, and 40 to male.

Kidney aging: premature gray hair, impotence, vagina dryness and pain, lower sexual desire, aging ovaries and infertility, fatigue and cold limbs. Frequent night urination, incontinence, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, lumbar pain, weak knees, Poor memory, Dementia, poor hearing. Timid and frightened easily.

Liver aging: weak sinews and tendons, lower sports performance, pale fragile nails, poor vision, poor menses or amenorrhea, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, moody.

Lung aging: Fatigue, weak voice, shallow and shortness of breath, poor smell function, dry skin, wrinkles, pigments, aging complexion, losing of gender skin character.

Heart aging: Anxiety, talkativeness, insomnia, poor concentration, poor memory, depressed, social isolation tendency, lower motivation, melancholy, unreasonable alternative joy and sad, mental fatigue, poor blood circulation, coronary heart diseases.

Spleen aging: long time poor appetite, tasteless or loss taste, or sweet dependence, stubborn chronic constipation, or chronic diarrhea, indigestion, emaciation or overweight and puffy belly. Weak or even atrophic muscles, Diabetic.

The aging consultation is needed if you find you are in the conditions above, Dr. Xiao is going to do aging evaluation for you, up to which inner organ weakened, a very individual anti-aging plan is made personally, it includes tonifying the our engine kidney as basic treatment, and strengthening other involved inner organs, and diet ,life style guidance, Acupuncture, moxa therapy and traditional anti aging tonics may apply in combination, the following are an rough introduction for some most common used acupoints, herbs and formula:


Ming Men (life vitality gate) Du4

Qi Hai Su (Energy sea points) BL24

BL13, 15, 18, 20, 23 (Lung Su, Heart Su, Liver Su, Spleen Su, Kidney Su)

Ki1 (Erupt spring)

Rn4 (Primary gate)

Rn8 (Divine Gate)

Herbs and formula

Horn of deer: for men hood

Shell of turtle: for women hood

Ginseng: botanic holly energizer

Gingko: botanic panda beer

Chinese wolf berry fruit: Longevity fruit

(For hypertension, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidmia)

Rehmannia: herbal estrogen promoter

Epimedium: Chinese herbal Viagra.

Walnut nut: Smart nut

Human placenta: new facial culture base

Psoralea fruit: Bone strengthener

All above have been approved works as anti-oxidant or free radical cleaner by modern researches.

120Rejuvenation pill (600 years anniversary 2010)

Ovary nourishing pill

Facial stay young pill

Acupuncture therapy opens meridian, like fix a electric wires, while the moxa and herbal tonics work as replantation of new battery, with new wires and new battery, your body will be like a new mentally and physically, we hope everyone will reach the natural life expectance-120years old!

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How Chinese Medicine helps you get out of smoking?

Tobacco addiction is the most popular one, studies revealed have administrated that nicotine cause lung cancer, esophagus cancer and urinary bladder cancer etc, we prefer you to stop smoking in a natural way, rather than a repeated torture struggling with all kinds of toxic nicotine contained patch, chewing gum.

To understand how TCM help to quit your smoking, you must know first that the tobacco actually is a drug with actions include tranquilizer like mental relaxant, and gastro-dynamic effect which may makes the daily defection more regularly, but strong addictive to all mammalians include our human being, once you become depend on it, if you try to stop smoking, you may have a terrible agitation, irritability and insomnia since you stop using a kind of tranquilizer, and you may get huge appetite, annoy constipation, which may cause weight gain in a short period, cause fail to quit smoking

The right solution is neither back to smoking of course, nor nicotine chewing gum, or patch, which just simply changed the accesses, a combination of acupuncture, ear needle and herbal medicine therapy offers a comprehensive, synergistic and effective, most green and safe replacement treatment for the nicotine withdraw symptoms:

To tranquilize mind, calm spirit:

Puncture points:

Third eye (Yin Tang),

Wind pool (GB20),

Four wise men,

Spirit gate (HT7),

Inner gate (Nei Gan),

Over impulse (Liver3)

Expectation gate (Liver14)

Endocrine point of ear

All above can promote body to produce endorphin, which is inner sourced natural opium like substance, with sedative, tranquillize and analgesic effects, it is the best replacement, no any side effect.


Oyster shell (Mu Li), Thorowax root (Chai Hu), Gatrodia root (Tian Ma), Gambir (Gou Teng)

For depression and energy: Du20, Ht1 (Top spring), Pc8 (Labor palace), Ginseng, Water lily, Silktree flower. Rn4, 6 (Energy sea, Primary gate)

For constipation and appetite: St36, St25 (Stomach doors) Shi Gao (Rhubarb root, Gypsum)

For clearing nicotine heat and toxin from lung system: Houttuynia (Yu Xin Cao), Scute (Huang Qin), Jasmine flower (Zhi Zi), Lophatherum leaf (Dan Zhu Ye), Lung5, 2, 10, Rn22.

It's effective rate varies from 75%-90%, half year effective rate 65%-85%, much more stable, and treatment course 4-6 weeks, 10 times acupuncture treatment, no side effects and no suffering.

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Can Chinese Medicine defeats H1N1?

Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM )has been fighting with epidemic diseases for thousands years, there are two main schools developed over Flu, Shang Han school mostly treats winter cold-induced plagues ,while Wen Bin school mainly copes with spring summer warm-induced pestilence, So, How TCM looks at H1N1 Flu ?

First of all, H1N1 has all characters of Wen Bin:

1. It starts at spring, summer, lasts to present.

2. Onsets suddenly. The incubation period can be only one day.

3. Spreads by wind broadly (Airborne), no matter gender and age.

4. Conditions severe like high fever (>40c), transmits fast, in 1-3days may be in life threaten conditions.

5. First attacks Lung system causes Flu symptoms and signs, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, then may adversely transfers to invade pericardium, heart, causes coma, delirium.

6. The process goes through Wei, Qi, Yin, Blood Wen Bin stages subsequently, may reaches blood level with DIC, Embolism, causes bleeding, emergence situation.

7. Easily damages Qi and Yin, lead fatigue, thirsty, even Qi and Yin collapse, then die from shock, multiple organ function failure.

So, Correspond, the treatment strategy will be Dispels pathogen while strengthens vital Qi.

Treatment principles:

(1) Release wind heat from exterior, clear fire-toxin, those herbs have inhibitory effect over flu viruses include H1N1, such like Jing Yin Hua(Honey suckle flower), Lian Qiao(Forsythia flower), Da Qing Ye, Ban Lan Gen(Woad indigo root and leaf), Guan Zhong( Agueweed ), Clear Yin and cool blood if DIC,or Embolism co-exist .

(2) Nourish Yin to strengthen immune, promote body ability of fight with flu virus: Lu Gen (Reed Rhizome), Gan Cao (licorice root), Tai Zi Shen (Pesudostellaria), Xi Yang Shen (America gingshen), this is very TCM characteristic part.

(3) Symptomatic treatment to cough, high fever vomit, etc.

Recommendation of TCM treatment on 2009H1N1 flu

(Revised from China health ministry Guidance 2009 H1N1 Flu, third edition)

For Acute attack

(1) Wind-heat toxin invade exteriorly

High fever, chilly, sweat, sore throat, cough, headache, body ache, thirsty, poor appetite, or nausea, vomit, fatigue. Red tongue, yellow, thin or grease coating, float and rapid pulse.

Ying Qiao San Modification

Jing Yin Hua 18 (Honey suckle flower)

Lian Qiao 15 (Forsythia flower)

Da Qing Ye 15 (Woad indigo leaf)

Guan Zhong 15 (Agueweed)

Chai Hu 12 (Thorowax root)

Ge Gen 12 (Kudzu root)

Jie Gen 12 (Balloon Flower root)

Xing Ren 15 (Apricot Kernel)

He Xiang 9 (Agastache)

Pei Lian6 (Eupatorium)

Lu Gen20 (Reed root)

Gan Cao3 (Licorice root)

(2) Heat toxin obstructs Lung

High fever, sweat, thirsty, strong cough, short breath, yellowish phlegm, chest pain, irritable, fatigue, poor appetite, Red tongue, yellow coating, rapid pulse.

Ying Qiao Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang Modification

Jing Yin Hua 18 (Honey suckle flower)

Lian Qiao 15 (Forsythia flower)

Mu Huang 12 (Sang Bai Pi instead) (Mulberry bark)

Xing Ren15 (Apricot Kernel)

Shi Gao 18 (Gypsum)

Huang Qin 15 (Scute)

Yu Xin Cao 15 (Huttuynia)

Qing Dai 12 (Indigo)

Chuan Bei Mu 15 (Fritillaria)

Gua Lou 12 (Trichosanthes fruit)

Mai Meng Dong 12 (Ophipogon tube)

Gan Cao3 ( Licorice root )


Coma: An Gong Niu Huang Wan (One of three TCM emergence pattern)

Seizure, convulsion: Zi Bao Dan (One of three TCM emergence pattern)

High Fever: Zhi Xue Dan (One of three TCM emergence pattern)

Yin&Blood heat: Xi Jiao (Water buffalo hornShui Niu Jiao instead), Mu Dan Pi (Cotex of peony root), Chi Shao Yao (Red peony root)

Heart Lung Qi collapse: Shen Fu tang / Shen Mai San (Both have injection form)

For prevention

(1) Formula for people with weak immunity for 1-3 weeks

A. Qi Deficiency constitution: Tai Zi Shen (Pesudostellaria) 12 Zhi Su Ye (Perilla leaf) 9 Da Qing Ye (woad indigo leaf) 12 Guan Zhong (Agueweed) 12

B. Blood deficiency constitution: Ge Gen (Kudzu root) 12, Di Huang (Rehmania) 12, Zhi Su Ye9, Guan Zhong12

C. Yin deficiency constitution: Bai Wei(Radix Cynanchi)12, Shi Hu(Dendrobium)12, Zhi Su Ye9, Cong Bai9, Guang Zhong12

D. Yang deficiency constitution: Cong Bai (Spring onion) 9, Shen Jiang9 (Ginger) 3, Zhi Su Ye9, Fang Feng (Siler leaf) 9, Guang Zhong12 Gui Zhi (Cinnamon) 12

(2) Formula for people contacted with H1N1 Flu patients

Guan Zhong12 Ban Lan Gen15 Gan Cao3 Zhi Su Ye9

( 3 ) For air disinfection: Ai Ye(Argy Wormwood Leaf ) 12 Cang pu(flag leaf )12 vinegar 100ml add water 500ml steam for 100m2 room.

To use formulae above, you are advised to get a consultation from TCM doctors, since it should be used based on an individual constitution way.

In China, a lot of clinic and laboratory researches for this item are undergoing, preliminary results are quite encouraged, China military Medical science institute and Beijing DiTan Hospital have been treating 483 cases H1N1 Flu in a random, control treatment with Chinese medicine and Tamiflu, all treatment index like duration of fever, cough, fatigue, hospitalization etc, Chinese Medicine group is better and safer by now, there is a significant difference ( p<0.05), anyway, more cases and further study are needed , this research is still ongoing.

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